Why is digital marketing being outsourced to India?

Indian professionals have typically been India’s biggest export. But that trend is changing as jobs arrive on Indian shores. Known internationally for their prowess, Indian professionals are sought out in every industry. Why should digital marketing be any different?

Strong I.T. base

The strong base that Indian professionals have in the IT services sector has perhaps boosted the outsourcing of digital services to India. Regardless of the reason, the outsourcing of digital jobs to India is here to stay.

Expert services at a fraction of the cost

Getting seasoned professionals for less than one-fourth the cost is a great bargain for any business. The language proficiency of Indian professionals also helps a language dependant function like digital marketing.

Typical offerings

A typical digital marketing package includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content development & Copywriting, Pay Per Click (PPC), E-mail Marketing, Web Analytics, Design & HTML. Language skills, design skills and technical skills come to the forefront. Creativity delivered under pressure is one of the defining factors of services provided by Indian professionals.

Real-time changes

Advancements in communications technology have helped strategy solutions to become transparent. Issues can be resolved in real time. Constant communication ensures consistency of output. Timely delivery and transparency in delivery of solutions come with it. Digital agencies in India have the advantages of qualified labour, excellent infrastructure and relevant technological support. Like any other outsourced process, there are established norms and key processes in digital marketing. These regulations are effective, successful and established.

Latest digital trends

Factors mentioned in the previous paragraph provide immunity from internal company issues that hamper digital output. However, the consistency and the efficiency of an agency alone do not determine the quality of an effective digital strategy. The freshness of content and relevance of strategy are key components too. Digital agencies in India are typically attuned to the latest industry trends and updates. This makes it possible to deliver fresh content and appropriate strategies.

Tracking of progress

The expertise of Indian professionals is not just lip service. It is measurable and quantifiable with regular tracking of progress. Analytics provide reports on all digital inputs. All these advantages are supplemented with big savings through reasonable costing and flexible pricing.

Preferred destination

Due to these advantages, India has come up on the radar of international businesses as the ideal destination for outsourcing business processes to. Nearly 50% of all Fortune 500 companies choose Indian outsourcing firms for their business processes.

In conclusion

Digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds, and India is pivotal to this success. Trends are being shaped by Indian creativity as we speak. India is slowly but surely becoming the digital mouthpiece of brands across the world.